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Onri AI

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What is Onri AI?

This product description emphasizes the ability to connect users with the appropriate individuals, thereby minimizing isolated knowledge and improving teamwork.

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Onri AI Product Overview

Onri AI is a cutting-edge people search engine designed to address the challenges of identifying domain experts within organizations. This innovative tool revolutionizes the way users access expertise by providing a swift and efficient solution for connecting with the right people.

Onri AI Highlights

  • Onri AI is designed to provide comprehensive insights by simultaneously examining multiple documents.
  • It helps users understand how the answer was generated in the first place.
  • It allows users to navigate through dense financial information with precision.

Onri AI Features

  • Instant Expertise: With Onri AI, users can swiftly find experts within their organization by simply asking questions like "Who knows about …?".
  • Elimination of Knowledge Silos: Onri AI plays a pivotal role in reducing knowledge silos that can hinder team productivity.
  • Integration with GitHub and Jira: The tool seamlessly integrates with platforms like GitHub and Jira, leveraging data from code commits and tickets to learn about each teammate's expertise.
  • Enhanced Search Results: When a search is performed, Onri AI presents a list of domain experts along with relevant code commits and tickets associated with their work.
  • Efficient Collaboration: By eliminating the need for lengthy email threads and unnecessary communication barriers, Onri AI promotes efficient collaboration and ensures that expertise is shared effectively across the organization.
  • Continuous Learning: Onri AI operates in the background, continuously learning and updating its search results to reflect the evolving expertise within the team.
  • Low Maintenance: The tool requires minimal maintenance while consistently delivering fresh and accurate search results.

Onri AI Use Cases

  • Onri AI can be used by organizations to analyze complex financial documents.
  • It can be used to extract meaningful insights from inquiries across multiple documents.
  • Users can dive deeper into their response by viewing citations at the paragraph level.

Onri AI Pricing Model & Details

The pricing details for Onri AI are not specified.

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Added on 08/24/2023