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What is Civitai?

A platform that enables the AI art generation community to freely share and access models, while being open source.

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Civitai Product Overview

Civitai is an open-source platform for sharing and discovering custom AI models for content creation. It was created by a team of developers and artists who are passionate about using AI to create new and exciting forms of art. Civitai allows users to upload their own AI models or browse models that have been shared by others.

Civitai Highlights

  • Civitai is the only model-sharing hub for the AI art generation community.
  • It offers an environment where users can upload, share, and discover custom models, each trained on distinct datasets.
  • It provides a platform for producing and sharing AI-generated art.

Civitai Features

  • Civitai allows users to upload and share various models to create attractive art pieces.
  • The platform offers free guides and tutorials for users to learn it easily.
  • It is a free and open-source tool.
  • It only works in online mode.

Civitai Use Cases

Civitai finds applications in diverse fields. Some common use cases include:

  • Artists can use the tool to create art faster and easier using text prompts.
  • Tutors can use the tool to create creative visuals to teach students and help them understand concepts faster.
  • Researchers can use the tool to create better art generation models and tools with advanced features.

Civitai Pricing Model & Details

Civitai is a free platform to use. There are no subscription fees or hidden costs. You can create, upload, and download AI models for free. However, Civitai does offer a premium plan if you want access to additional features. The premium plan costs you $5 per month.

Top Civitai Alternatives

Here are some of the top AI alternative products to Civitai:

  • Hugging Face
  • DreamStudio
  • OpenArt
  • RunDiffusion.
Added on 11/27/2022