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What is ModularMind?

This product offers a convenient and easy-to-use interface that allows users to create personalized workflows without the need to start from scratch for repetitive tasks.

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ModularMind Product Overview

ModularMind is an AI-powered platform designed to transform business ideas into execution plans in minutes. It automates the planning process, generating user personas, user stories, roadmaps, and requirements. This provides both speed and depth to your projects.

ModularMind Highlights

  • ModularMind uses GenAI to automate the planning process.
  • It generates user personas, user stories, roadmaps, and requirements.
  • It offers a simplified, intuitive, and thorough software planning.
  • It organizes your project’s direction and milestones with a structured roadmap.

ModularMind Features

  • ModularMind generates detailed user personas that represent the various users of your product, capturing their needs, behaviors, and goals.
  • It defines what users aim to achieve and the challenges they face.
  • It crafts user stories that outline specific tasks or functions and identifies user pains to address potential obstacles.
  • It ensures clarity in what needs to be built by automating the creation of both functional and non-functional requirements.

ModularMind Use Cases

  • ModularMind can be used to transform software planning, with a special focus on UX, agile, and scrum methodologies.
  • It can be used by product managers, developers, or anyone who enjoys the thrill of chaos.
  • It can be used by those starting their own businesses, working in product teams (product and project managers, UX professionals, and developers), or anyone passionate about streamlining software planning.

ModularMind Pricing Model & Details

ModularMind offers different pricing plans:

  • Starter Plan: $0 per month. It allows up to 1 board, 2 prompts per stack, and 2 stacks per chain.
  • Pro Plan: $7.99 per month. It provides 8000 credits/month, unlimited boards, unlimited stacks and chains, multi web browsing, PDF and Google Doc import, and cloud backup.
  • Pro Lifetime Plan: $149.99 paid once. It provides the same features as the Pro Plan.
  • Enterprise Pricing: Custom pricing based on the customer's request.

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Added on 08/19/2023