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What is Maya?

Singapore-based AI and Big Data company helping enterprises with revenue acceleration, personalization, and marketplaces through their platform.

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Maya Features

Maya's Core Features Modular platform constructPatented algorithms for personalized recommendationsPlug and play APIs for easy integrationScalability and cloud agnosticismReal-time recommendations based on user preferencesData security and privacy measures

Maya Use Cases

Maya's Use Cases Consumer Banking: Drive customer engagement and revenue growth with AI-led cross/up-sell models and personalized B2C lifestyle marketplaces. Fintech: Launch digital wallets quickly and efficiently, drive customer engagement, and improve targeting decisions. Travel: Increase your share of the travel wallet by providing end-to-end personalized experiences across flights, hotels, dining, events, and more. Tech Distribution: Use AI-powered product recommendations to drive sales and help customers find the right tech products. Retail: Connect the right merchants with the right customers to enhance sales and revenue.
Added on 12/14/2023