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Detect GPT

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What is Detect GPT?

Detect if webpage content is AI-generated

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Detect GPT Product Overview

DetectGPT is a Google Chrome extension that helps users identify AI-generated content while browsing the web. It utilizes AI technology to determine if the content on your screen was generated using an AI writing tool. It is capable of detecting content generated by ChatGPT and other widely used AI content detection tools.

Detect GPT Highlights

  • AI Content Detection: DetectGPT uses AI technology to identify if the content on your screen was created with an AI writing tool such as ChatGPT.
  • Widely Used AI Content Detection: DetectGPT can detect content generated by widely used NLP models in popular AI writing tools.
  • No Account Needed: There is no account or signup required, so users can install the extension and start scanning straight away.

Detect GPT Features

  • Easy to Use: Users can simply install the Chrome extension, copy the text they want to verify for AI generation, and either right-click and select “Scan with DetectGPT” or paste it into the manual check area in the extension and click “Check Content”.
  • Page Scan: For a page scan, users can visit the page they would like to examine, open the extension, click refresh, and view results.
  • Quickly Check for AI Written Content: Upon visiting a website, users can open up the extension and it will automatically scan the page and provide a result.

Detect GPT Use Cases

  • Content Verification: DetectGPT is used by users who want to verify whether the content they are viewing was generated by an AI writing tool.

Detect GPT Pricing Model & Details

Unfortunately, the exact pricing details for DetectGPT are not publicly available.

Top Detect GPT Alternatives

Here are some alternative products to DetectGPT:

  1. Percent Human: Detect ChatGPT AI Content
  2. AI Content Detector - Copyleaks

Please note that the information is based on the data available as of the year 2023 and may have changed. For the most accurate and up-to-date information, please visit the official website or contact the product's customer service.

Added on 12/23/2022