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Verb is an AI-powered writing tool for fiction writers built to help authors plan, write and get feedback on their work.

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0.0% Product Overview is an AI-powered writing tool specifically designed to assist fiction writers with every aspect of the writing process. It helps authors plan, write, and get feedback on their work. Like the best editors, Verb is story-centered and writer-led, designed to make the process of getting ideas into words a more enjoyable experience. Highlights

  • AI-Powered: uses artificial intelligence to provide automated writing assistance and AI-generated feedback.
  • Versatile: It offers a wide range of use cases including creating narratives for various purposes.
  • Efficient: helps users save time by instantly creating narratives. Features offers several features:

  • AI-Powered Planning: Seamlessly integrates with your canvas.
  • Writing and Drafting Tools: Transforms natural language prompts into captivating plots.
  • Critique and Feedback System: Provides multi-line plot suggestions.
  • Performance Enhancement: Accelerates generation speed.
  • Quality Feedback: Filters out frequently occurring bad patterns.
  • Blocks suggestions that might match potential duplicates: Verb can give you feedback on how well your work stacks up against thousands of published manuscripts. Use Cases can be used in a variety of scenarios:

  • Planning and outlining a novel: Helps authors plan, write, and critique their work effectively.
  • Writing and editing a fiction story: Offers content creators the ability to generate ideas and refine their posts.
  • Getting feedback and critique from other writers: Provides the necessary tools to turn ideas into full-fledged stories. Pricing Model & Details offers several pricing plans:

  • Free: As of this writing, Verb is in open beta, which means it is currently free to use while the programmers make improvements to the overall experience.
  • Limited Beta Access: Sign up to experience Verb's features during the beta phase.

Top Alternatives

Here are some alternative AI platforms:

  • Sudowrite: Comprehensive feature set designed with fiction writers in mind.
  • Claude: Offers advanced features to refine and elevate their narrative.
  • ChatGPT Plus: Provides the necessary tools to turn ideas into full-fledged stories.
  • OpenAI Playground: Offers a unique interactive experience that evolves as you write.
Added on 11/29/2023