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Spoke GPT-4

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What is Spoke GPT-4?

For Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet. Create AI reports specific to your workflow (CRM used, pain expressed, ...), and sync them to your apps. Just ask Spoke a question and it gives you the answer and most relevant video clips. Try Spoke for free in just a few clicks now.

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Spoke GPT-4 Features

Spoke GPT-4's Core Features Instant meeting reports with recording and transcriptIntelligent search for easy access to meeting contentVideo highlights for quick review of important momentsAbility to ask questions and get instant answers with relevant video clipsAutomatic sync to 30+ apps, such as Hubspot, Pipedrive, and Slack

Spoke GPT-4 Use Cases

Spoke GPT-4's Use Cases For Product Managers: Save time on note-taking, build a knowledge base, and extract tailored insights from meetings. For User Researchers: Capture meeting insights, turn conversations into shareable highlights, and easily search for key information. For Sales Leaders: Streamline reporting and aligning the team, leverage data analysis for better decision-making, and boost ROI with auto-synced meeting insights. For Engineering Managers: Enhance meeting efficiency and productivity, track important information and decisions with AI-generated minutes and video highlights. For Consultants: Improve meeting effectiveness, generate comprehensive meeting reports, and easily access relevant information for client projects. For Customer Success: Build a knowledge base of customer interactions, extract insights to enhance customer experience, and streamline team collaboration.
Added on 12/13/2023