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What is ScriptMe?

Transcribe audio and video faster than real time in +31 languages - Transcribe, subtitle, translate and export them in many formats with ScriptMe.

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ScriptMe Product Overview

ScriptMe is an automatic transcription and subtitle platform developed by post-production experts. It's designed to work with Avid Media Composer and many other tools. ScriptMe offers lightning-fast and accurate transcription services, transcribing audio and video content faster than real-time. This saves users valuable time and effort.

ScriptMe Highlights

  • Automatic Transcription: ScriptMe provides automatic transcription at your fingertips. It transcribes audio and video recordings instantly and effortlessly.
  • Fast Transcription Generator: ScriptMe offers a fast transcription generator that provides an accurate transcription of the video or audio you uploaded to ScriptMe in seconds.
  • Accurate Transcripts Generator: ScriptMe achieves near-perfect transcription accuracy for clear audio recordings.

ScriptMe Features

  • Support for Multiple File Formats: ScriptMe supports all the major file formats in the media industry, including Avid, Adobe, Resolve, Microsoft Word, SRT, VTT, and XML.
  • User-Friendly Online Editing Page: ScriptMe offers a user-friendly online editing page where you can effortlessly edit transcripts on the fly, identify speakers, add timestamps, and make corrections with ease.
  • Easy Sharing Feature: ScriptMe allows you to collaborate with colleagues and simplify the finalization process with its easy sharing feature.

ScriptMe Use Cases

  • Transcription Services: ScriptMe can be used for transcribing speeches to text. It can transcribe all the speeches you want automatically.
  • Subtitling Services: ScriptMe can be used for creating subtitles for videos.
  • Translation Services: ScriptMe can translate transcripts into over 100 languages.

ScriptMe Pricing Model & Details

ScriptMe offers both free and premium plans. The pricing for ScriptMe starts at $29.00. ScriptMe has 3 different plans:

  • Pay as you Go at $29/hour audio or video uploaded
  • ScriptMe PRO at $45/month
  • Enterprise plan with custom pricing

Top ScriptMe Alternatives

Here are some alternative AI products:

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  2. Notion AI: Notion AI leverages the limitless power of AI in any Notion page.
  3. Grammarly: Grammarly is a popular tool for improving writing skills.
  4. Quillbot Paraphraser: Quillbot Paraphraser is a tool for paraphrasing text.
  5. LINER AI: LINER AI is a highlighter for the web and PDFs.
Added on 12/13/2023