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What is SofaBrain?

SofaBrain is changing the way you think about interior design. Artificial intelligence lets you visualize a new living room, kitchen and more with our AI powered Interior Design app and staging simulator.

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SofaBrain Product Overview

SofaBrain is an AI-powered interior design service that allows users to visually transform rooms and spaces in seconds. It is designed for use by interior designers, real estate agents, DIYers, furniture stores, and more. The service works by allowing users to upload images of rooms or spaces, and SofaBrain's AI then suggests design changes and furniture rearrangements or replacements.

SofaBrain Highlights

  • SofaBrain offers the ability to generate unlimited room rendering with no watermarks.
  • It provides an advanced AI model for exceptional quality and accurate room designs.
  • The platform offers a staging commercial license.
  • Users can see before and after previews of rooms.
  • Designs can be customized by selecting different suggested options.

SofaBrain Features

  • Versatile Design Capabilities: SofaBrain offers over 20 interior and exterior design styles.
  • Advanced Tools: With features like “Adobe Firefly for Interior Design” and AI brush, users can swiftly tailor details.
  • Total Area Calculation: SofaBrain offers functionalities like total area calculation.
  • Import from Blueprint: Users can import from blueprint.
  • Furniture Library: SofaBrain provides a furniture library.
  • Design Collaboration: The platform supports design collaboration.
  • AI-Assisted Planner: SofaBrain offers an AI-assisted planner.
  • 2D Floor Plans: Users can create 2D floor plans.
  • Guest Sharing: SofaBrain supports guest sharing.

SofaBrain Use Cases

  • For Interior Designers: Instantly provide clients with a multitude of design options.
  • For Real Estate Agents: Showcase the full potential of property listings by virtually redesigning interiors and exteriors.
  • For DIYers: Redecorate homes within seconds.
  • For Furniture Stores: Offer customers the opportunity to modernize their existing furniture.

SofaBrain Pricing Model & Details

SofaBrain offers a free plan for 3 renders as well as paid monthly subscriptions for individuals and teams. The Pro plan is $29/month. The Teams plan for larger groups is $299/month.

Top SofaBrain Alternatives

While SofaBrain leads the industry, here are some other quality interior design systems to consider:

  • InteriorAI: This system also harnesses advanced AI models trained on extensive interior design data.
  • RoomGPT: An AI-driven digital interior design platform.
  • Make by Designn Space: A platform that generates a fun interior design game that you can play around an entered topic.

Please note that the alternatives listed above may not offer the same features as SofaBrain. Always consider your specific needs when choosing a product.

Added on 11/29/2023