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What is Scanlist?

Scrape business contacts, write personalized message sequences and create outstanding marketing copies faster than other humans with Scanlist AI.

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Scanlist Features

Scanlist's Core Features The core features of Scanlist include: - Profile scanning: Access real-time data and high-quality contact information from LinkedIn Sales Navigator searches and saved leads. - AI marketing assistant: Create high-quality marketing copies, including cold email templates, social media ad texts, and landing page CTA blocks. - Hyper-personalized messages at scale: Generate hundreds of personalized messages in minutes, including first cold emails, LinkedIn connection messages, and personalized ice-breakers.

Scanlist Use Cases

Scanlist's Use Cases Scanlist is designed for teams of all sizes and can be used in various scenarios: - Sales teams: Save time and focus on important sales tasks by letting Scanlist handle routine tasks like communicating with leads. - Marketing teams: Save costs on copywriting by using Scanlist to create compelling blog articles, generate unique ad texts, and write high-quality copies for social media posts, landing pages, and product pages. - Recruiting teams: Build robust talent pipelines and save time on closing candidates. Scanlist provides automated recruiting operations, accurate contact data, and helps improve candidate engagement.

Scanlist Pricing Model & Details

Scanlist Pricing Small $19/mo Medium $39/mo
Added on 12/14/2023