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What is Roll?

Create professional, studio-quality videos from anywhere with just your phone. Our powerful AI platform lets you capture pro-quality remote video calls, add special effects, and edit and publish in minutes at a fraction of the cost of a professional production studio.

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Roll Features

Roll's Core Features Capture pro-quality remote video callsAdd special effectsEdit and publish videos in minutesUse AI platform for superior resultsReplace expensive production gear with smartphonesRecord studio-quality videos with just your phoneReal-time effects for post-production choicesAutomatic lighting detection for perfectly framed videosRevolutionary AI-generated edit for time-saving editingEasy team collaboration for real-time editsHi-res video production for multiple sharing platforms

Roll Use Cases

Roll's Use Cases Turn CEO-recorded webinars into professional marketing videos Enhance remote interviews, fireside chats, and customer testimonials Create visually engaging content for podcasts, webinars, and virtual conferences Elevate the quality of remote video production Increase viewer engagement and returns for businesses and content creators Save time and money by avoiding costly production teams and equipment
Added on 12/14/2023