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What is PixAI.Art?

PixAI.Art AI-powered tool that has been specifically developed to generate artwork inspired by anime.

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PixAI.Art Product Overview

PixAI is an all-in-one artificial intelligence (AI) art platform operating in the technology and art sectors. It specializes in AI-powered image editing and enhancement.

PixAI.Art Highlights

  • Super Resolution: Boosts your photos and anime definition by using AI to output higher resolution image from a lower resolution input.
  • Face Restoration: Recover facial details like magic from blurry photos.
  • Photo Colorization: Add color to black and white photos.
  • Low Light Enhancement: Improve the quality of photos taken in low light.

PixAI.Art Features

  • AI Image Generation: Create stunning AI images and art.
  • Multiple AI Models: Chat with 5 different AI language models and make images with 10 different AI image models.
  • Advanced Features: Text To Image AI, 10 AI Image Models, Filter, Customize, and Create.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Designed with user-friendly features, enabling beginners in AI art to achieve remarkable results with preset filters.
  • Cloud Saving: Allows users to save images on the cloud for easy access and sharing.
  • Community Interaction: Facilitates community interactions by allowing users to follow other artists, appreciate and remix their images, and share their own creations.

PixAI.Art Use Cases

  • Artistic Creation: PixAI allows users to create and share AI art.
  • Design Inspiration: Designers use PixAI for seeking inspiration and unique visuals for their projects.
  • Community Engagement: Art lovers use PixAI for exploring and engaging with a community of AI art creators.

PixAI.Art Pricing Model & Details

PixAI offers a paid pricing model starting from $7. However, detailed pricing information is not readily available.

Top PixAI.Art Alternatives

Here are some alternative AI products to PixAI:

  1. DALL-E 3
  2. Craiyon
  3. Stable Diffusion Online
  4. Midjourney
  5. A111 Stable Diffusion WEB UI
  6. Microsoft Designer
  7. DiffusionBee
Added on 08/06/2023