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What is Midjourney?

The AI lab is actively investigating novel mediums to enhance and broaden human imagination.

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Midjourney Product Overview

Midjourney is an independent research lab that explores new mediums of thought and expands the imaginative powers of the human species. It is a generative artificial intelligence program that creates images based on natural language descriptions, called "prompts".

Midjourney Highlights

  • Midjourney is a self-funded team focused on design, human infrastructure, and AI.
  • It has an incredible set of advisors and 11 full-time staff.
  • The core technology of Midjourney lies in its ever-evolving algorithm.
  • Midjourney is accessible solely via a Discord bot on their official Discord server.

Midjourney Features

  • Midjourney generates images based on natural language descriptions.
  • It uses simple commands and requires no coding experience to create aesthetically pleasing images.
  • Midjourney is pre-trained on millions of images.
  • It provides a list of handy image editing shortcuts.

Midjourney Use Cases

  • Midjourney can be used to generate avatars for use on social media and other places.
  • It is useful for generating images of people for use in marketing designs.
  • Midjourney can create cinematic poster-like designs for promotions.
  • Some use Midjourney and other AI tools to generate images for comic strips.

Midjourney Pricing Model & Details

Midjourney offers a tiered subscription model:

  • Basic Plan: $10/month ($8/month with yearly subscription)
  • Standard Plan: $30/month ($24/month with yearly subscription)
  • Pro Plan: $60/month ($48/month with yearly subscription)
  • Mega Plan: $120/month ($96/month with yearly subscription)

Top Midjourney Alternatives

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  • A111 Stable Diffusion WEB UI
  • Microsoft Designer
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Added on 11/04/2022