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What is ZBrain?

Empower your users with a personalized ChatGPT app trained on your own data with ZBrain.AI. With our platform, you can easily create a personalized chatbot using any document or website.

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ZBrain Features

ZBrain's Core Features Import data from any source - texts, images, documents, or APIsUtilize state-of-the-art Large Language Models like GPT-4, FLAN, and GPT-NeoXEnsure data privacy and confidentialityOptimize workflows and enhance productivityGain deeper insights and make informed decisionsEnable personalized chatbot creation using any document or websiteIntegration with 80+ data sourcesReal-time data integrationFine-tuning with custom dataReinforcement learning from human feedbackAI Risk Governance for data safetySeamless deployment options - ZBrain Cloud or private hostingNo-code creation of business logic with ZBrain Flow

ZBrain Use Cases

ZBrain's Use Cases Automotive: Provide insights into customer feedback, research collaborations, quality control measures Customer Support: Resolve tickets, analyze customer complaints, improve product/service Cyber Security: Monitor threat landscape, handle security incidents, manage vulnerabilities Education: Provide information on admissions, deadlines, student services, research databases Finance: Track financial performance, manage accounts receivable, evaluate tax and audit findings Healthcare: Access medical records, handle billing, provide dosage information, monitor vital signs Hospitality: Manage food and beverage offerings, analyze customer feedback, track revenue Insurance: Explain coverage details, assist with claims, provide insurance policy information Legal: Provide legal proceedings overview, share court dates, review advertising materials Logistics: Monitor warehouse operations, optimize inventory management, evaluate supplier performance Manufacturing: Track production units, identify defective products, analyze sales and market share Retail: Analyze marketing campaigns, track sales, optimize supply chain and inventory SAAS: Prompt-based creation of forms, run background digital agents, generate content Supply Chain: Monitor supplier performance, optimize inventory replenishment, manage transportation And many more...

ZBrain Pricing Model & Details

ZBrain Pricing Growth $299.00/mo
Added on 12/14/2023