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What is Tome?

Experience the power of AI-driven generative storytelling from Tome to unleash your finest creative output.

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Tome Product Overview

Tome is an AI-powered storytelling platform that allows users to create multimedia presentations, microsites, and more. It is designed to be more engaging than a slide deck and easier to build than a webpage. With Tome, users can quickly create polished and professional presentations using AI.

Tome Highlights

  • AI-powered storytelling platform
  • More engaging than a slide deck
  • Easier to build than a webpage
  • Quickly create multimedia presentations, microsites, and more

Tome Features

  • AI features to add structure and polish to your work
  • Quick and easy transformation of the work you’ve already done
  • Paste in a document and see it gain depth and clarity
  • Tome automatically builds a narrative from your text and generates matching images to illuminate your point

Tome Pricing Model & Details

Tome offers two pricing plans:

  1. Tome Plus: Unlock all non-signature content for $10/month. Paid monthly. One device only.
  2. Tome Exclusive: Everything in Tome Plus included. One signature course included. Billed annually. Only $80/year. One account, six devices. Access to monthly live events. 33% off Tome Shop and Signature Courses.

Top Tome Alternatives

  • Beautiful.AI: Make Great Slides Fast
  • Prezi: The Interactive Presentation Platform
  • Canva: Empowering the World to Design
Added on 12/15/2022