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Superflow: Annotate live websites

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What is Superflow: Annotate live websites?

With Superflow teams can comment and collaborate directly on the website. Iterate and ship your websites 10x faster.

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Superflow: Annotate live websites Features

Superflow: Annotate live websites's Core Features Comment and collaborate directly on your websiteAssign tasks and track progressArea commenting with arrow annotationPrivate comments for internal discussionsFilter and find comments with AI auto categorizationScreen recording for better contextDeep linking to specific commentsMobile device supportIntegrations with Asana, ClickUp, and Slack

Superflow: Annotate live websites Use Cases

Superflow: Annotate live websites's Use Cases Website design and development collaboration Getting feedback from clients and stakeholders Efficient project workflows for marketing agencies Streamlining front-end design coordination Simplified web development for non-tech users Collaboration on authenticated pages
Added on 12/14/2023