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Super Prompt

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What is Super Prompt?

Create a gallery for your AI art. Next time someone asks to see all your art, you'll have somewhere to point them to. Showcase all your AI art in one place.

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Super Prompt Features

Super Prompt's Core Features Super Prompts offers the following core features: 1. Gallery Creation: Create your personal gallery to display and organize your AI-generated art. 2. Art Upload: Easily upload your AI artworks in various file formats, such as images and videos. 3. Descriptions and Tags: Add descriptions and tags to each artwork for better categorization and discoverability. 4. Categorization and Theming: Organize your art into different categories or themes. 5. Sharing and Showcase: Share your Super Prompts gallery with others to showcase your entire collection of AI art.

Super Prompt Use Cases

Super Prompt's Use Cases Super Prompts is useful for: 1. Artists: AI artists can use Super Prompts to establish a portfolio of their AI-generated artworks and easily share them with interested parties. 2. Creative Professionals: Creative professionals, such as designers and advertisers, can leverage Super Prompts to explore AI-generated art for inspiration and to showcase their own AI-driven projects. 3. Collectors: AI art enthusiasts and collectors can search and discover new AI-generated art in one centralized location, connecting with artists and potentially acquiring unique pieces.
Added on 12/14/2023