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What is SpendSights?

Analyse your spendings in autopilot mode

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SpendSights Features

SpendSights's Core Features SpendSights offers the following core features: 1. Bank statement processing: Upload or automatically forward your bank statements. 2. Automatic categorization: Transactions are categorized based on vendor, date, and amount. 3. Self-labeling & learning: Create your own categories and train the AI to recognize similar transactions. 4. Progressive Web App (PWA): Offers a native app-like experience on Android, iOS, and desktop devices, even offline.

SpendSights Use Cases

SpendSights's Use Cases SpendSights can be used for the following purposes: 1. Tracking and analyzing personal expenses 2. Monitoring business spending and budgeting 3. Identifying trends in spending habits 4. Managing and organizing finances 5. Generating financial insights and reports
Added on 12/14/2023