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What is Speechllect?

Speech Intellect is the first STT/TTS solution that works in real-time by using a totally new AI-focused mathematical theory — "Sense Theory". It takes into account the sense of each word pronounced by the client.

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Speechllect Features

Speechllect's Core Features Real-time speech-to-text (STT) capabilitiesText-to-speech (TTS) synthesis with intonation and tonalitySense Theory for understanding the sense of each wordCombining solutions for automating work scenariosCloud computing for efficient data processingAmorphous Encryption for secure storage and transmission of personal dataFlexibility in shaping work scenarios

Speechllect Use Cases

Speechllect's Use Cases Automating work in sales departments or technical support contact centers Reproduction of script text in a humanoid voice in video games Communication with clients in call centers Virtual communication on websites Comfortable conversation in smart homes Generating a humanoid voice for characters in various contexts Reducing coordination costs in production workflows
Added on 12/14/2023