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simulacrum AI

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What is simulacrum AI?

ChatGPT and custom neural networks generated simulated video avatar talking to you about your anger and feers

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simulacrum AI Features

simulacrum AI's Core Features AI-generated psychiatrist applicationSimulated video avatar using ChatGPT and custom neural networksFace-to-face meetings in a Zoom-like video conferenceAbility to communicate with anyone on Earth, live or deadPsychiatric healing and psycho-drama sessionsReviving fairy tale personages and historical figuresUnpredictable communication and reactions from simulated individuals

simulacrum AI Use Cases

simulacrum AI's Use Cases Psychiatric healing and therapy Playing psycho-drama sessions with desired individuals Reviving fairy tale personages and having interactive conversations Consulting historical figures or deceased loved ones Simulating world-changing negotiations Reaching closure with Gestalt therapy Realizing childhood dreams and fantasies Addressing fears and seeking insights Overcoming psychological trauma, depression, or violence survival Empowering individuals facing sexual oppression Engaging in meaningful conversations about the future of Earth
Added on 12/14/2023