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What is Sheet+?

Generate Google Sheets & Excel formulas from text, convert formulas into simple explanations, debug formulas, and more.

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Sheet+ Product Overview

Sheet+ is an AI-powered tool that transforms text instructions into Excel and Google Sheets formulas. It is designed to help users generate Excel and Google Sheets formulas quickly and accurately. This technology can save time and energy, allowing users to focus on the task at hand.

Sheet+ Highlights

  • Sheet+ allows users to convert their text instructions into Excel or Google Sheets formulas.
  • It can convert a complex formula into plain English.
  • Users can use Sheet+ without leaving their Google Sheets or Excel.
  • Users get 5 credits per month for free.

Sheet+ Features

  • Sheet+ uses state of the art GPT-3 AI model to give users the best results.
  • It can generate formulas and provide explanations.
  • Users can leverage the Formula Generator feature to generate AI-generated formulas or explanations for data analytics.

Sheet+ Use Cases

  • Sheet+ can be used to quickly generate complex Excel formulas.
  • It can reduce time spent on manual formula creation.
  • It can improve the accuracy of Excel formulas.

Sheet+ Pricing Model & Details

Sheet+ operates on a freemium and subscription-based pricing model. The free version includes limited access to Sheet+ with 10 formula generation/explanation per month. The Pro version, billed yearly, offers full access to Sheet+ with unlimited formula generation/explanation per month.

Top Sheet+ Alternatives

  1. AI Excel Bot: Provides step-by-step explanations to enhance spreadsheet skills.
  2. GPTExcel: An AI tool for generating Excel formulas.
  3. Excelformulabot: An AI-powered tool for writing Excel formulas.
  4. Mixo: Generates landing pages.
  5. Ad creative dot AI: Creates advertisements and headlines.
Added on 11/29/2023