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What is Scite?

Ask a question, get an answer backed by real research. Scite is trusted by leading universities, publishers, and corporations across the world.

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Scite Features

Scite's main features consist of Smart Citations, which provide the context of a citation and determine whether it supports or contradicts the cited claim. Citation Statements display the exact citation context and enable users to explore related articles. The platform also offers Expert Analyses and Opinions, with a database of over 1.2 billion Smart Citations, allowing researchers to find expert analyses and opinions on any topic. Research Evaluation helps researchers assess the support for their references and identify any editorial notices, retractions, or contrasting evidence. The Dashboard and Notifications feature allows users to evaluate groups of articles in one place and receive notifications when new supporting or contrasting citations are made to their articles.

Scite Use Cases

Scite has multiple applications, such as: - Gaining insight and comprehension of research articles. - Assessing the credibility of references in academic papers. - Locating expert insights and viewpoints on particular subjects. - Enhancing research results for government and university entities. - Enhancing the visibility of publications for publishers. - Keeping up-to-date on drug development, effectiveness, and clinical trials for corporate, pharmaceutical, and enterprise users.

Scite Pricing Model & Details

The monthly subscription for Scite is priced at $15, while the yearly subscription costs $105.

Added on 11/27/2023