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What is Roketfy?

Everything You Need To Increase Your Sales In One Tool. Strong features, sustainable profits. Skyrocket Your Sales Now!

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Roketfy Features

Roketfy's main features include a Listing Checker to improve Etsy rankings, Product Research to find profitable products, AI Reviews to analyze customer feedback, AI Writer to create SEO-friendly product descriptions, Keyword Research for better visibility, Competitor Analysis, Smart Score System to evaluate listing performance, Boost Rankings & Sales recommendations, AI Title Suggestion, Rapid Production with AI technology, Topic Categorization, Sentiment Analysis, Review Insights, Estimated Daily Sales analysis, and Customizable Filters for precise product research.

Roketfy Use Cases

Roketfy's Use Cases involve optimizing Etsy listings to boost search rankings and sales, identifying profitable products with high demand and low competition, utilizing customer feedback to enhance store performance, creating SEO-friendly product descriptions efficiently, increasing visibility with the right keywords, staying ahead of competitors by analyzing their products and keywords, evaluating listing performance and making necessary improvements, implementing recommendations to improve sales, quickly creating high-quality listings, understanding customer preferences and enhancing products and services, making informed business decisions by analyzing customer sentiments and reviews, analyzing market trends and evaluating product sales potential, and narrowing down product research with customizable filters.

Roketfy Pricing Model & Details

Rocketfy offers a pricing plan for keyword research at $5 per month for the basic plan and $24 per month for the premium plan.
Added on 12/14/2023