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What is Reclaim AI?

Reclaim is a powerful AI-driven app that create 40% more time for teams and auto-schedule your tasks, habits, meeting & breaks. Start free on Google Calendar

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Reclaim AI Product Overview is an AI-powered scheduling automation app that optimizes time management and task scheduling. It helps teams optimize their planning, defend more time for productivity, limit their unnecessary meetings, and improve everyone’s work-life balance. It can even integrate your team’s project management app to automatically schedule and assign tasks to the calendar.

Reclaim AI Highlights

  • AI-Powered Scheduling: offers a fast, pro-level, preset-free AI scheduling engine.
  • Smart Calendar:'s smart calendar prioritizes tasks based on their importance, so you never miss a deadline or get bogged down by less critical to-dos.
  • Task Integration: You can integrate your task list with your calendar.
  • Prioritize Work: Assign and prioritize work across your team.

Reclaim AI Features

  • Habits: Schedule flexible time on your calendar for your regular routines.
  • Tasks: Block flexible time for your to-do list.
  • Smart 1:1s: Find the best time for one-on-one meetings.
  • Scheduling Links: Book smarter with flexible meeting links.
  • Calendar Sync: Block your availability across calendars.
  • Buffer Time: Auto-schedule breaks & travel time.
  • Color Coding: Automatically color-code your events by category.
  • No-Meeting Days: Prevent meetings & auto-schedule heads-down work.
  • Team Analytics: Track your team's time across meetings, tasks, wellness metrics, & more.
  • Task Integrations: Sync tasks from Asana, Todoist, Jira, ClickUp, Linear & Google Tasks to your calendar.
  • Slack Integration: Customize & sync your Slack status to your calendar in real time.

Reclaim AI Use Cases can be used by various professionals for different purposes:

  • Defend No-Meeting Days & Focus Time: Defend meeting free days to reduce distractions, increase productivity, and auto-schedule focus time for deep work.
  • Make Time for One-on-One Meetings: Take the headache out of 1:1 meeting scheduling: automatically find mutual free time across both attendees' calendars every week.
  • Get Time to Build Stuff Every Day: Make sure you always have time to feed your inner creator. Give yourself a few hours every week to write code and build things.
  • Make Sure Your Weekly Status Gets Done: Most managers and leaders have a ton of reporting to do every week. Make time for it on your calendar and keep it flexible.
  • Get Time to Catch Up on Email: If your inbox is underwater, your day isn’t going to be much fun. Make time for catching up every day to keep yourself afloat.
  • Auto-Schedule Meetings with Clients & Partners: Keep up with your most important accounts with automatic meeting scheduling for recurring biweekly, monthly or quarterly sales meetings.

Reclaim AI Pricing Model & Details offers several pricing plans:

  • Lite Plan (Free): This plan is available for any single user at no cost to help you take back control of your calendar with essential smart time blocking features.
  • Starter Plan: This plan is for teams of up to 10 users who are looking to optimize their meetings and get more focus time on the calendar. It costs $10 per user per month.
  • Business Plan: This plan is for teams of up to 100 users, and is the most popular plan for companies who are prioritizing productivity and work-life balance for employees. It costs $15 per user per month.
  • Enterprise Plan: This plan is for teams of more than 100 users, for organizations who need enterprise-grade support & security. The pricing for this plan is custom.

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Added on 11/27/2023