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What is Quriobot?

Increase conversion with 28% and get 21% more leads! Ask for feedback, automate customer service and use it as your campaign landing page. 24/7.

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Quriobot Features

Quriobot's Core Features Quriobot offers several core features to enhance your chatbot experience: 1. Easy customization and design options for seamless integration 2. Automation of repetitive customer service tasks 3. Lead generation and conversion optimization 4. Feedback collection for continuous improvement 5. 24/7 availability to engage with visitors 6. Integration with various platforms and tools for easy setup and management

Quriobot Use Cases

Quriobot's Use Cases Quriobot can be used in various scenarios: 1. Improving website conversion rates and enhancing user experience 2. Automating customer support to handle common queries and issues 3. Collecting feedback from website visitors to gather insights and improve products/services 4. Using chatbot as a campaign landing page to capture leads 5. Assisting in lead generation efforts and qualifying prospects

Quriobot Pricing Model & Details

QuriobotΒ Pricing 1000 chats/month 13 €/m 2500 chats/month 27 €/m
Added on 12/14/2023