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What is Potions?

Potions offre des expériences sur-mesure aux visiteurs de votre site e-commerce, grâce à des solutions de personnalisation sans cookie.🍪

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Potions Features

Potions's Core Features E-merchandising: Sort and organize products intelligently on your pages to optimize performance.Personalized Product Recommendations: Display relevant product recommendations at strategic points during the customer journey.Recently Viewed Products: Help visitors easily find products they have previously viewed.Targeted Pop-ups: Drive conversions and collect emails by showing pop-ups to engaged visitors.Recovery of Abandoned Carts and Journeys: Prompt returning visitors to resume their navigation from where they left off.Automatic Authentication: Streamline the purchase process and enhance customer data quality by automatically identifying customers with accounts.

Potions Use Cases

Potions's Use Cases E-commerce Conversion Optimization: Boost average order value, conversions, and revenue per user. Enhanced Customer Experience: Provide personalized and seamless shopping experiences. Behavioral Targeting: Leverage targeted pop-ups and product recommendations to engage visitors. Cart and Journey Recovery: Encourage visitors to complete their purchases and reduce cart abandonment. Streamlined Purchase Process: Simplify the checkout process and improve data accuracy with automatic authentication.
Added on 12/14/2023