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Popwork 2.0

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What is Popwork 2.0?

Give your managers the tools they need to excel. Popwork is the the all-in-one solution to train, equip, and support management in your company. Live video training, unique management app and insights.

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Popwork 2.0 Features

Popwork 2.0's Core Features 1-to-1 Meetings: Popwork allows team members to prepare for effective 1-to-1 meetings by answering the right questions. It helps team leaders focus on the right topics and share feedback.Mood Feedback: The app captures team members' mood feedback, enabling team leaders to gauge the overall team sentiment and identify areas for improvement.Objectives: Popwork helps in setting and tracking goals and long-term objectives for individual team members and the entire team.People Analytics: Popwork provides people analytics to measure and analyze team performance, allowing team leaders to make data-driven decisions.HR Solution: Popwork offers HR solutions to facilitate effective management practices at all levels of the company.Resources: Popwork provides a blog, expert guides, and the Popwork Academy to help team leaders and managers enhance their leadership skills.Book a Demo: Team leaders can book a demo to get a personalized walkthrough of Popwork and learn how it can benefit their team.

Popwork 2.0 Use Cases

Popwork 2.0's Use Cases CEOs & HRs: Popwork helps create the conditions needed for effective management at all levels of the company. Senior Managers: Popwork saves time and boosts team performance and engagement on a weekly basis. 1st-Time Managers: Popwork provides a simple and proven management framework to help new managers start off on the right foot. Remote Managers: Popwork helps remote managers maintain close contact with their teams and develop autonomy. Teams: Popwork improves efficiency and prioritization, helping teams achieve their goals.
Added on 12/14/2023