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What is Pgrammer?

Converts the process of preparing for coding interviews into a pleasurable and engaging journey.

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Pgrammer Product Overview

Pgrammer is an AI-powered platform designed to transform the way you prepare for coding interviews. It provides a personalized learning experience that ensures you're ready to ace those interviews with confidence. Unlike traditional methods like LeetCode, Pgrammer offers a fresh and enjoyable approach to interview prep.

Pgrammer Highlights

  • Personalized Learning: Pgrammer offers a personalized learning experience tailored to your skill level and interview requirements.
  • Diverse Language Support: Pgrammer supports over 20 programming languages, ensuring you can practice in your preferred language.
  • AI-Powered Analysis: Pgrammer leverages AI, specifically GPT-4, to create an interactive and realistic interview experience.
  • Timely Hints: Get hints at any point during a challenge to keep your learning on track without feeling frustrated.
  • Constructive Feedback: Receive feedback after your submission, focusing on both the positive aspects and areas for improvement.

Pgrammer Features

Pgrammer offers a range of features to enhance your interview preparation process. It provides personalized learning, diverse language support, AI-powered analysis, timely hints, and valuable feedback.

Pgrammer Use Cases

Pgrammer is designed to help candidates prepare for coding interviews effectively. Whether you're aiming for FAANG-level interviews or leveling up your coding skills, Pgrammer is your companion to ace coding interviews with confidence.

Pgrammer Pricing Model & Details

Pgrammer offers two subscription packages:

  • Starter: This is a free package that includes coding challenge questions, customization of difficulty level, support for over 20 programming languages, saving of coding challenge history, and unlimited real-time hints and solution analysis.
  • Premium: This package costs $12 per month and includes all the features of the Starter package.

Top Pgrammer Alternatives

  1. LeetCode: A platform for preparing technical interviews.
  2. GlassDoor: A website where employees and former employees anonymously review companies and their management.
  3. Cracking The Coding Interview: A book that provides software engineering interview preparation.
  4. Koala AI: An AI writer and chatbot.
  5. Grammarly: A writing assistant.
  6. Frase: An AI tool for content creation.
  7. Scalenut: An AI-powered content marketplace.
  8. Descript: A collaborative audio/video editor.
Added on 08/18/2023