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What is Paxton AI?

Paxton AI is an advanced legal assistant that utilizes Generative AI technology to provide businesses with a competitive edge by staying updated on regulatory changes.

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Paxton AI Product Overview is an AI-powered legal assistant that helps lawyers quickly learn new areas of law, rapidly draft and compare documents, deepen discovery, and conduct securities filings and regulatory research. It's designed to ensure it will not hallucinate– it cannot provide nonexistent cases, unlike other services that rely on OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

Paxton AI Highlights

  • AI-Powered: uses AI to automate the legal research and drafting process.
  • Global Reach:'s database is updated in real-time, and tracks every US Federal & State law, rule, regulation, and guidance.
  • Time-Saving: saves legal professionals time by automating the legal research and drafting process.

Paxton AI Features

  • Automated Applying: doesn't just suggest laws; it actively applies on behalf of the user.
  • Worldwide Coverage: Users can upload their own research and documents to for analysis.
  • User Dashboard: Users can track applications, view detailed analytics, and monitor law matches.

Paxton AI Use Cases

  • Legal Research: helps legal professionals navigate the challenging legal market with AI assistance.
  • Drafting: can help find laws that align with the legal goals of legal professionals.
  • Discovery: helps legal professionals re-enter the legal market with confidence.
  • Regulatory Research: helps legal professionals showcase their skills and get matched with laws that require specific expertise.

Paxton AI Pricing Model & Details

The pricing details for are currently unknown. For more detailed pricing information, it's best to contact directly.

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Added on 07/17/2023