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What is Omnisearch?

Omnisearch’s groundbreaking search product makes all the content on your site searchable, from audio/video to text, documents and presentations.

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Omnisearch Features

Omnisearch's Core Features Searches all types of content, including audio/video, text, documents, and presentationsSupports various file types, such as PDFs, Word docs, images, audio files, and moreAI-powered machine learning technology for content extractionEnables transcription of video recordings into subtitlesSeamless integration with Thinkific to make course content fully searchableQuick and easy installation processSupports multiple languages

Omnisearch Use Cases

Omnisearch's Use Cases Improve user experience and satisfaction on online courses Enhance search functionality for databases and educational centers Enable quick navigation and keyword search within video content Facilitate keyword and reference search within detailed documentation or course materials

Omnisearch Pricing Model & Details

Omnisearch Pricing STANDARD $99/month ADVANCED $199/month
Added on 12/14/2023