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What is NocoAI?

NocoAI is a No-Code and Serverless platform that enables you to easily build, manage, and deploy your GPT applications and models. With NocoAI, you can generate client or backend APIs, define prompt templates and variables, and create fine-tuned models with a simple UI, all without any coding experience.

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NocoAI Features

NocoAI's Core Features No-Code and Serverless PlatformGenerate Client or Backend APIsDefine Prompt Templates and VariablesCreate Custom Fine-Tune ModelsControl OpenAI Cost with Request and User LimitsAPI Usage AnalysisMustache Template Engine

NocoAI Use Cases

NocoAI's Use Cases Building and deploying GPT-3 applications Generating APIs for prompt templates Creating fine-tuned models without coding Cost control and analysis for OpenAI usage Collaboration among team members
Added on 12/14/2023