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What is Myfit-AI?

Myfit-AI is your new AI personal trainer! Our app takes the guesswork out of reaching your fitness goals by providing you with a customized workout plan and nutrition program tailored to your specific needs and preferences. Powered by OpenAI GPT API.

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Myfit-AI Features

Myfit-AI's Core Features MyFit AI offers a range of core features including personalized fitness plans, customized nutrition recommendations, progress tracking, workout video tutorials, exercise database, and a community forum for support and motivation.

Myfit-AI Use Cases

Myfit-AI's Use Cases MyFit AI can be used by individuals of all fitness levels and goals. Whether you are aiming to lose weight, gain muscle, improve athletic performance, or simply lead a healthier lifestyle, MyFit AI can assist you in reaching your fitness and health objectives.

Myfit-AI Pricing Model & Details

Myfit-AI Pricing Premium 4.99$
Added on 12/14/2023