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Mermaid Chart

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What is Mermaid Chart?

Mermaid Chart - Create complex, visual diagrams with text. A smarter way of creating diagrams.

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Mermaid Chart Product Overview

Mermaid Chart is an advanced, user-friendly, code-based diagram generator with AI integrations, templates, collaborative tools, and plugins for developers. It streamlines the process of creating and sharing diagrams, enhancing both creativity and collaboration. Mermaid Chart builds on top of the open-source project Mermaid that simplifies the process of writing technical documentation.

Mermaid Chart Highlights

  • Code-Based Diagram Generator: Mermaid Chart allows development teams to create complex diagrams based on markdown-style code.
  • AI Integrations: Mermaid Chart integrates AI to simplify text-based diagram creation.
  • Collaborative Tools: Mermaid Chart includes features for improved editing, real-time collaboration, simplified sharing, and version control.

Mermaid Chart Features

  • Editor: A web-based editor for creating and editing Mermaid diagrams.
  • Presentation: A presentation mode for viewing Mermaid diagrams in a slideshow format.
  • Collaboration: A web-based collaboration feature for multi-user editing on Mermaid diagrams in real-time.
  • Plugins: A plugin system for extending the functionality of Mermaid.

Mermaid Chart Use Cases

  • Sketching and Designing: Mermaid Chart helps in sketching and designing how a system is supposed to work before building it.
  • Documenting Requirements: Mermaid Chart assists in documenting the requirements of a new system.
  • Understanding Existing Systems: Mermaid Chart aids in breaking down and understanding an existing (often legacy) system.

Mermaid Chart Pricing Model & Details

Mermaid Chart is launching with two pricing tiers, Free and Individual. The Free tier is free forever and includes a limit of five diagrams and essential features. The Individual tier costs $4 per user per month (or $40 annually) and includes unlimited diagrams, shareable diagram links, and presentation mode.

Top Mermaid Chart Alternatives

  1. yEd Graph Editor: A free alternative to Mermaid.
  2. PlantUML: A tool for creating UML diagrams.
  3. Graphviz: An open-source graph visualization software.
  4. Visual Paradigm: A UML tool with BPMN, project management tool.
  5. Umbrello: A UML modeller with code generation.
Added on 12/13/2023