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Meet Millie

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What is Meet Millie?

Get dating superpower with your AI coach

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Meet Millie Features

Meet Millie's Core Features 1. Personalized dating and relationship coaching. 2. AI-generated perfect introduction messages for dating apps. 3. Customized poems for impressing your date. 4. Creative date ideas based on your city location. 5. Guidance for resolving arguments in relationships. 6. Creative bio writing to enhance your dating profile. 7. Curated answers for your crush's last sentence.

Meet Millie Use Cases

Meet Millie's Use Cases 1. Singles looking for effective pick-up lines and guidance on dating apps. 2. Individuals in relationships seeking inspiration and advice to spice up their love life. 3. Users wanting creative ideas for memorable dates based on their city location. 4. Couples looking for guidance to resolve arguments and improve relationship dynamics. 5. People looking to enhance their dating profiles with unique and creative bios.

Meet Millie Pricing Model & Details

Meet Millie Pricing Monthly $9/MO Yearly $79/YEAR
Added on 12/14/2023