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What is Makelog?

The continuous communication platform for fast-shipping software teams to share what they ship. Streamline updates from where the work originates, like GitHub, Jira, or Linear.

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Makelog Features

Makelog's Core Features Streamline updates from GitHub, Jira, or LinearShare product updates via SlackMultiple contributorsIntegrations with popular project management toolsPublic and internal changelogsCustom branding and domainSegment integrationPublish to Slack, RSS feed, or embeddable widgetGoogle Single Sign-On (SSO)Email subscriptionFeature flag supportUnlimited integrationsWorkflow automationDedicated supportAdvanced rolesAPI

Makelog Use Cases

Makelog's Use Cases Provide stakeholders with timely product updates Improve collaboration and transparency within software teams Drive stakeholder alignment and engagement Accelerate feature adoption Simplify release notes generation Increase visibility into product changes

Makelog Pricing Model & Details

Makelog Pricing Solo $9 / mo Team $29 / seat / mo
Added on 12/14/2023