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What is macha?

macha is an Ai powered customer support chat bot for Shopify sites. It's fully capable of answering queries around order tracking, policies (shipping, returns etc) and products. We want to be the Ai layer between your customer queries and your support team.

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macha Features

macha's Core Features The core features of Macha include: - AI-powered chat tool for enhanced customer support - Natural language responses - Ready-to-use, context-rich answers - Seamless integration with Shopify products - Instant resolution of a significant portion of customer queries - Reduction of repetitive support queries by 55% - Easy on-boarding process - 40% reduction in customer support workload

macha Use Cases

macha's Use Cases Macha can be used in the following scenarios: 1. Shopify site owners who want to provide exceptional customer support experiences. 2. Businesses looking to reduce the number of repetitive support queries and workload of their support teams. 3. Shopify store owners who want to integrate AI-powered chat support seamlessly with their products. 4. Anyone who wants to enhance customer satisfaction and streamline support processes for their Shopify store.
Added on 12/14/2023