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What is Luminal?

Utilize the power of artificial intelligence to swiftly clean, convert, and examine spreadsheets with exceptional speed.

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Luminal Product Overview

Luminal, also known as Claros, is an AI-powered tool that enhances customer support by integrating seamlessly with Slack. It automatically turns support requests into prioritized tickets with assignments and SLAs. Trusted by world-class teams, Luminal provides scalable support on Slack.

Luminal Highlights

  • AI-Powered Customer Support: Luminal uses AI to automatically route tickets to the correct customer agent.
  • Scalable Support: It helps make customer support scalable by reducing manual tasks.
  • Integration with Slack: Luminal integrates with Slack to deliver a better customer experience.

Luminal Features

  • Conversation Tracking: Luminal automatically tracks new conversations as tickets with assignment and alerts.
  • Dynamic Message Assignment: It assigns ownership of incoming messages.
  • Slack Inbox Access: Users can view their assignments directly within Slack.
  • SLA and Response Analytics: Luminal provides comprehensive analytics on response time, resolution time, common issues, and more.

Luminal Use Cases

Luminal can be used to deliver a far better customer experience towards customers with fewer resources. It can be used to stop doing manual tasks and make your customer support scalable. By integrating with Slack, it uses a custom trained AI to automatically route tickets to the correct customer agent.

Luminal Pricing Model & Details

Luminal operates on a subscription-based service model. It offers a Starter plan for free, a Plus plan at $10 per month, and a Professional plan at $30 per month. For more specific needs, they offer a custom Enterprise plan.

Top Luminal Alternatives

The top alternatives to Luminal are Intercom, Drift, and Faqbot.

Added on 03/07/2023