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What is Libraria?

Libraria AI lets you build beautiful and performant AI components like AI search and AI chat at scale.

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Libraria Features

Libraria's Core Features Create custom GPT chatbots with your own data instantlyImport and sync various document types, including PDFs, Google Drive files, URLs, and moreCustomize AI assistants with unique names, avatars, prompts, and integrationsGet instant answers from your AI assistant with referenced sourcesEmbed chatbots on websites or share them via linksSupports multiple use cases, including academics, businesses, authors, and personal useTrain your assistant without any coding by uploading documents, audio files, articles, and moreAccurate responses with AI preprocessing and prompt injectionPrivacy features to control access to your assistantQuery history tracking and export for continuous improvement

Libraria Use Cases

Libraria's Use Cases { "title": "Academics", "description": "Create a customized AI assistant to enhance academic learning or teaching. Import thousands of PDFs from Google Drive and get instant answers, sources, and linked pages for each document. Ideal for organizing study materials and providing quick access to relevant information." } { "title": "Authors", "description": "Create a chatbot for each book and provide readers with instant answers to their questions about the content. Improve reader engagement and accessibility by embedding the chatbot on websites or sharing it via links." } { "title": "Businesses", "description": "Create an FAQ or chatbot to answer repetitive customer questions and reduce support team workload. Embed the chatbot on your website or share it with customers via a link. Increase efficiency and enhance customer experience." } { "title": "Personal", "description": "Create a personal chatbot to organize thoughts and ideas. Import notes from Google Drive and get GPT-powered responses to your questions. Personalize the assistant according to your preferences and use it as a productivity tool." } { "title": "Characters", "description": "Generate characters from imagination or recreate favorite characters from books and movies. Customize GPT prompts to make Chat GPT respond like the chosen character. Get instant answers and engage in unique conversations." }
Added on 12/14/2023