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AI data infrastructure that facilitates the collection, curation, labeling, and searching of large scale Computer Vision data.

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0.0% Features's Core Features DataLake: A unified repository for all AI dataAnnotation Studio: Label image and video data at scaleDataset Manager: Manage training datasets with version controlUnified Infrastructure: Capture, store, index, and search computer vision dataVisualize and Search: Easily explore and navigate data within DataLakeOrganize and Share: Curate and organize large datasets, share with team membersAnalyze and Debug: Understand data effectiveness, identify gaps and errorsIntegration and Automation: Seamlessly integrate with computer vision applications and automate pipelinesLayerNext Apps and Third-Party App Integration: Store and access all data in one Data Lake Use Cases's Use Cases Retail: Enhance customer experience, optimize inventory management Agriculture: Improve crop yield, monitor plant health Healthcare: Assist in medical diagnosis, analyze medical images Construction: Monitor construction sites, ensure safety compliance
Added on 12/14/2023