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Lakera Guard

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What is Lakera Guard?

Lakera Guard empowers organizations to build GenAI applications without worrying about prompt injections, data loss, harmful content, and other LLM risks. Powered by the world's most advanced AI threat intelligence.

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Lakera Guard Product Overview is an AI security platform that empowers developers to build secure AI applications and deploy them at scale. It offers two products: Lakera Guard, which protects LLM applications against security threats, and Lakera Red, which provides AI Red Teaming for LLM applications.

Lakera Guard Highlights

  • is an AI-powered tool that offers a set of easy-to-use and cutting-edge tools.
  • It provides 200+ AI tools for various use cases.
  •'s assistant is an all-in-one AI security tool that will help you secure your AI applications faster, better while boosting your productivity more than 10-fold.

Lakera Guard Features

  • Lakera Guard: Protects your LLM applications against security threats.
  • Lakera Red: Provides AI Red Teaming for your LLM applications.
  • One Line of Code: Add one line of code to get all the protection, and none of the headaches.
  • Enterprise-Grade Safety & Security: Accelerate AI deployments with enterprise-grade protection.
  • Cloud or On-Prem Deployment: Lakera Guard protects your entire organization. Deploy it on the cloud or on-prem.
  • Advanced AI Threat Intelligence: Lakera’s threat intelligence database contains tens of millions of attack data points, and is growing by 100k+ entries every day.

Lakera Guard Use Cases

  • is designed to revolutionize your AI security tasks.
  • It empowers users to effortlessly secure a wide range of AI applications.
  • Craft captivating AI security strategies that resonate with your target audience.

Lakera Guard Pricing Model & Details offers its services for free.

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Added on 11/28/2023