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kreado_AI video creation platform

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What is kreado_AI video creation platform?

Multilingual AI video creationJust enter text or keywords to create multilingual oral videos of real/virtual characters,providing creators with AI empowerment ★AI-generated marketing copy Make Multilingual Oral Video Creation "Simple"

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kreado_AI video creation platform Product Overview

KreadoAI is an AI-powered digital marketing creation platform that allows users to create multilingual videos with real or virtual human characters by simply entering text or keywords. It offers over 100 digital human images, 140+ languages for voiceovers, and 400+ voice timbres and tones. KreadoAI also provides AI fashion models, AI wig models, and AI accessories models, among other features, to make marketing creation faster, better, and simpler.

kreado_AI video creation platform Highlights

  • KreadoAI is the first automated dubbing service that allows you to add dubbed audio to your videos and podcasts.
  • It introduces FastDub, a new model for fast parallelized dubbing.
  • It provides high-quality fast dubbing.
  • It offers both single and multi-voice translation.

kreado_AI video creation platform Features

  • KreadoAI offers key features such as automated dubbing service for videos and podcasts, simultaneous synchronization of dubbed audio, selection of multiple languages for dubbing, high-quality audio output, and easy integration of dubbed content into existing videos or podcasts.
  • It supports a variety of input/output formats and provides fast processing queue.
  • It offers a maximum video length of 2 hours.

kreado_AI video creation platform Use Cases

  • KreadoAI offers a solution with its AI-powered summarization tool that lets you get the gist of any YouTube video in just seconds.
  • It can help revolutionize your YouTube journey.
  • Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to supercharge your content consumption and knowledge retention.

kreado_AI video creation platform Pricing Model & Details

  • KreadoAI offers three payment options: One-time payment, monthly subscription, and yearly subscription.
  • The One-time payment option involves a single payment granting one month of membership access without automatic renewal.
  • Both the monthly and yearly subscriptions follow a subscription-based payment model, ensuring uninterrupted membership benefits.
  • Subscribers also benefit from a reduced per-minute video cost under the subscription model.
  • Feel free to choose the membership plan that best suits your needs.

Top kreado_AI video creation platform Alternatives

The top AI alternative products to KreadoAI include Hour One, Yepic.

Added on 11/28/2023