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What is Klones?

A virtual clone powered by artificial intelligence designed specifically for content creators.

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Klones Product Overview is an AI tool that allows creators to focus on content while the AI handles fan engagement and monetization. It strengthens relationships through effortless content creation and amplified earnings.

Klones Highlights

  • is a tool that meets your AI needs regarding Low-code/no-code, Customer support, AI Chatbots.
  • It provides you with the following main features: A tool that can help you build your custom chatbot with no code.
  • Simply upload a document or add links to your website pages and get a custom AI chatbot that can answer any question on it, then add it as a widget to your website.

Klones Features

  • provides a seamless interface for interacting with ChatGPT.
  • It allows users to apply a prompt to many cells as easily as dragging a formula.
  • offers a more customizable toolset that allows users to fine-tune the OpenAI experience.

Klones Use Cases

  • can be used to build your custom chatbot with no code.
  • It can help you manage capacity issues, lack of features, or no real-time internet access by default.

Klones Pricing Model & Details

  • The cost spectrum for AI software is vast, with prices ranging anywhere from 0 to an excess of $300,000.
  • This price variability primarily depends on whether the solution is sourced from a third-party vendor or created by a dedicated in-house team.

Top Klones Alternatives

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  • Character AI
  • Mods
Added on 09/01/2023