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Interpre-X (Beta)

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What is Interpre-X (Beta)?

Real-Time Speech Translation in 10+ languages, break down the language barrier from wherever you are.

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Interpre-X (Beta) Features

Interpre-X (Beta)'s Core Features Real-time speech translation in multiple languagesSpeech-to-speech (simultaneous interpreting)Speech-to-text (consecutive interpreting)Text-to-speech (transcription)Text-to-text (written translation)State-of-the-art AI with accurate accentsNo additional hardware requiredConsistently good translationAvailable 24/7Accessible for visually or hearing impaired individuals

Interpre-X (Beta) Use Cases

Interpre-X (Beta)'s Use Cases Travelling Watching TV Language learning Communication with non-English speakers Quick understanding of foreign language content
Added on 12/14/2023