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Glass empowers clinicians with our platform for AI-powered clinical decision support.

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Glass Health, also known as Glass, is an AI-powered clinical decision support system. It empowers clinicians with its AI platform for developing differential diagnoses and drafting clinical plans. The mission of Glass Health is to fully leverage technology to optimize the practice of medicine and improve patient care. Highlights

  • AI-Powered Clinical Decision Support: Glass Health provides an AI platform that aids clinicians in developing differential diagnoses and drafting clinical plans.
  • Improving Patient Care: The technology is designed to optimize the practice of medicine and improve patient care.
  • Eliminating Clinician Burnout: One of the key goals of Glass Health is to eliminate clinician burnout worldwide. Features

  • Differential Diagnosis: Glass Health helps clinicians draft a differential diagnosis for complex patients by analyzing the patient summary and suggesting diagnoses to consider and investigate.
  • Drafting Clinical Plans: The platform drafts an assessment and plan based on the patient summary in seconds, suggesting evidence-based diagnostic and treatment steps for clinicians to consider.
  • AI-Powered: The platform uses a large language model (LLM) to generate diagnoses and "evidence-based" treatment options for patients. Use Cases

  • Developing Differential Diagnoses: Clinicians can use Glass Health to develop differential diagnoses for complex patients.
  • Drafting Clinical Plans: The platform can be used to draft clinical plans based on patient summaries.
  • Improving Patient Outcomes: By increasing diagnostic accuracy and improving the implementation of evidence-based medicine, Glass Health aims to improve patient outcomes worldwide. Pricing Model & Details

The pricing model for Glass Health is not explicitly mentioned in the search results. However, it is mentioned that the platform is available for free.

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Added on 11/29/2023