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What is DeepType?

DeepType helps writers create well-researched books. - Surface relevant information as you type - Research inside your text editor - Get AI text suggestions as you type

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DeepType Features

DeepType's Core Features The core features of DeepType include: 1. Surfacing relevant information: DeepType helps writers find and include important facts and details in their writing. 2. AI-powered information assistance: AI algorithms generate text suggestions to prevent writer's block and provide inspiration. 3. Research inside your text editor: DeepType allows you to search the web without predetermined algorithms, ensuring unbiased search results. 4. Saving items for later: DeepType lets you save research findings for later access while you're writing.

DeepType Use Cases

DeepType's Use Cases DeepType can be used for various purposes, including but not limited to: 1. Writing books: DeepType assists writers in conducting research and adding relevant information to their book manuscripts. 2. Content creation: It helps content creators in writing articles, blog posts, and other online content by providing text suggestions and research assistance. 3. Academic writing: DeepType aids researchers and students in gathering information and improving their academic writing by offering relevant resources and ideas.
Added on 12/14/2023