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CV Spruce

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What is CV Spruce?

Save Recruiter hours each month by letting the power of AI format your CVs for you before you send them to your clients.

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CV Spruce Features

CV Spruce's Core Features 1. AI-assisted CV formatting: Sailee uses AI technology to automatically format CVs, saving recruiters hours of manual work. 2. Customization options: You can upload your logo and set brand colors to maintain consistency in CV formatting. 3. Time-saving: Sailee helps recruiters reclaim the hours spent on formatting and focus on more important tasks like candidate sourcing and business development.

CV Spruce Use Cases

CV Spruce's Use Cases 1. Recruiters: Sailee is designed specifically for recruiters who need to format CVs regularly. It streamlines the formatting process and saves valuable time. 2. Recruitment agencies: Sailee can be particularly useful for recruitment agencies that handle a high volume of CVs and need to maintain consistency in their branding.
Added on 12/14/2023