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What is CondoPack?

Cadastre os moradores, tire uma foto do pacote e pronto! Automaticamente o Condo Pack identifica e avisa o morador. Menos de 30 segundos por pacote!

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CondoPack Features

CondoPack's Core Features Resident registration: Easily register all residents with their basic informationPackage photo capture: Take photos of packages to identify the recipientsMachine Learning technology: Automatically identify the recipient without human interventionMulti-channel notification: Notify residents via email or WhatsApp for package deliveriesEasy package management: Streamline the process and save time

CondoPack Use Cases

CondoPack's Use Cases Efficient package management in condominiums Simplified delivery process for residents Improved communication and notification for package recipients Time-saving solution for condominium staff
Added on 12/14/2023