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What is College Tools?

College Tools, the ultimate LMS-integrated exam assistant that works in McGraw Hill connect, Blackboard, Canvas, McGraw Hill smartbook, Moodle, and many more. Our software utilizes advanced AI algorithms to deliver accurate quiz and homework solutions with AI, giving you more time to focus on understanding the material and achieving your academic goals.

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College Tools Product Overview, also known as College Tools, is an AI-powered platform that provides accurate solutions to quizzes and homework assignments. It integrates with any website or learning management system, making it a stress-free solution for students.

College Tools Highlights

  • AI-Powered: College Tools uses advanced AI algorithms to guide users through their assignments, providing accurate quiz solutions.
  • LMS-Integrated: It works with various Learning Management Systems (LMS) like McGraw Hill connect, Blackboard, Canvas, McGraw Hill Smartbook, Moodle, and many more.
  • User Privacy: College Tools ensures user privacy by providing accurate quiz solutions with AI.

College Tools Features

  • AI Chrome Extension for Quizzes: College Tools offers an AI Chrome extension that provides accurate quiz solutions.
  • Discreet Exam Chrome Extension: The platform offers a discreet exam Chrome extension that goes unnoticed on your screen.
  • User-Friendly Dashboard: College Tools provides a user-friendly dashboard for reviewing past questions.

College Tools Use Cases

College Tools can be used in various scenarios, including:

  • Homework Solver: College Tools can be used to solve homework assignments.
  • Quiz Solver: It can be used to solve quizzes.
  • Exam Assistant: College Tools can be used as an exam assistant that integrates with any website or learning management system.

College Tools Pricing Model & Details

The pricing details for are not publicly available. You may need to contact the company directly for pricing information.

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Added on 11/29/2023