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What is CassetteAI?

CassetteAI is the first platform to utilize artificial intelligence to generate music by using text. Cassette is your AI powered Music Generator.

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CassetteAI Features

CassetteAI's Core Features Artificial intelligence-powered music creationReal-time music generation and analysisExact precision in generating complete tracks from scratchPrivacy of music until ready to export or shareRoyalty-free music creation with no ownership or copyright issuesCustom AI model based on latent diffusionNo limitations in creativity with thousands of instruments and sound effects

CassetteAI Use Cases

CassetteAI's Use Cases Music production for beginners and professionals Tailored music creation for specific needs and preferences Generating high-quality, royalty-free music tracks Exploring and experimenting with different music genres and moods
Added on 12/14/2023