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0.0% Features's Core Features Instant and precise answers from documentationIntegration with popular platformsEffortless information extraction from PDF filesSeamless integration with SlackChatbot integration for customer self-serviceCustomizable implementationEmail support and SLAAnalytics for insights and optimization Use Cases's Use Cases Customer support: Provide quick and accurate answers to customer queries without the need for human intervention. Employee support: Assist employees in finding the information they need from internal documentation. Knowledge management: Centralize and organize company knowledge for easy access and retrieval. Documentation tool: Turn your website, Zendesk knowledge base, Gitbook repository, or sitemap into a searchable documentation tool. PDF integration: Extract information from PDF files and make them searchable and usable. Slack integration: Access instant answers from your documentation directly within Slack channels. Chatbot integration: Empower customers to find answers themselves by asking AI instead of contacting support.
Added on 12/14/2023